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What is an Assisted Property Sale

If you are struggling to sell your property, we can offer you a fast solution that saves you time and money with the Home Property Buyers assisted sale option. Simply, this is a joint venture agreement that helps us sell your home more quickly – and for the price you want. 

Are you running out of time and money?

Now you don’t have to choose between waiting for the market to recover or dropping your asking price. With us, you can sell quickly and achieve what your property is actually worth. Here is how:

  • Firstly, we will refurbish your property, bringing it up-to-date and modernised to a high specification.
  • Secondly, we will use specialist knowledge and creative techniques to bring your property to a wider market – and an audience that is ready to buy.
  • Finally, our experienced sales team will negotiate a better deal, so that you enjoy a higher price for your property.

Should I consider an assisted sale?

If you identify with any of the following points, you might want to consider the Home Property Buyers assisted sale option.

  • My property has been on the market for a long time, without a satisfactory offer.
  • My property needs refurbishing and modernising, and I do not have the available finance to do this myself.
  • I need to sell quickly to suit my timeframe and commitments.
  • I would like an experienced property Consultant to negotiate a better deal for me.

How it works

From the beginning, Home Property Buyers will agree a minimum price for your property. On completion, we will split any profit made above this agreed amount. This way, you achieve a quick sale that meets your needs both financially and within a fixed timeframe – and may even bring you a higher price that was previously unachievable.

  • We agree an acceptable price and profit share percentage with you
  • We organise and manage any necessary refurbishment without you paying any of the costs (you may need to move out of the property during the refurbishment)
  • We negotiate for you with estate agents, mortgage brokers and solicitors
  • We arrange viewings and negotiate on all subsequent offers
  • We keep you updated with the progress of the assisted sale, answering any questions you might have during the process
  • We pay your solicitors fees (and any estate agents fees, where applicable)
  • Upon completion of the sale, we pay the total amount owing to your solicitor, which is then transferred directly to you (all agreements are legally binding and processed by solicitors, as with any traditional property sale)

If this suits your needs please contact us for further inform


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