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Struggling to afford your mortgage? Worried about repossession? Home Property Buyers offers a series of flexible, creative solutions designed with you mind. Our property lease options are perfect for any homeowner who is struggling to make ends meet. Talk to us about the financial worries you are facing and we will do everything we can to ease your burden, today.

Do you any of the following apply to you?

  • I have mortgage arrears
  • I am facing repossession
  • There is little or no equity in my property
  • I need to move immediately without further mortgage commitments
  • I want the reassurance of knowing that I can achieve a price that is close to today’s full market price regardless of the state of the housing market tomorrow

Let us help, today

It is our aim to remove the financial pressures you face, as quickly as possible. One of the ways we can do this is by paying your mortgage and therefore significantly reducing your financial burden. With this, we will provide free advice and support, doing everything we can to reduce your stress and help you enjoy an improved financial position.

How lease options work

Depending on your individual circumstances, Home Property Buyers can offer you a lease option agreement. This effectively allows us to purchase your property and rent it out for you.

  • You, as the seller, grant us an option to buy your property at close to the property’s full market value based on today’s market in the future
  • We agree an option period of anywhere between 3 to 10 years, meaning that you can continue to live in the property for this time without the worry of a mortgage
  • In the meantime, we will take over your mortgage payments and become responsible for your property’s maintenance and upkeep (in other words, we are “leasing” your property)
  • You may then move out of the property immediately or as agreed without any further burden of a mortgage
  • When we exercise our option to buy, you may make a profit that would otherwise be impossible if you had sold today

More rewarding than selling with an estate agent

Selling through an estate agent can be extremely unpredictable and you may experience substantial delays. Because of the current market, your property could be on the market for several months to a year, and longer, without being sold. Added to this, you may be advised to keep reducing the price to create interest. Choosing to enter into a lease option agreement with Home Property Buyers will guarantee you immediate mortgage relief and remove the worry of finding somewhere else to live. Plus, when we exercise our option to buy, you will achieve a price that is based on today’s market in the future – and you may even make a profit.

Either way, you benefit

In some instances, we decide not to exercise our option to buy the property at the end of the agreed timeframe. Should we opt not to purchase your home, you will still enjoy a long period of mortgage relief, and the property will experience significant capital growth. What is more, we may have made improvements to maintain your property, increasing its value overall.

Take control of your financial situation

The property lease options we offer are perfect for anyone who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage or is facing repossession. Find out more when you talk to the helpful team at Home Property Buyers.

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