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If you have been a tenant for some time, you already know that renting property is dead money. But in the current climate, getting onto the property ladder is harder than ever. That’s why we offer a series of rent to buy options, to help people like you afford their own home. Become a tenant buyer with Home Property Buyers, and you can enjoy manageable monthly payments and become a homeowner.

Are you struggling to get a mortgage?

  • Financial problems?
  • Separation or divorce?
  • Self-employed?
  • Poor credit score?
  • New UK resident?

There are many reasons why getting a mortgage can seem impossible. But whatever your circumstances, we can provide you with new, creative financial choices, so you can seriously explore becoming a tenant buyer.

Discover the benefits of becoming a tenant buyer

  • Minimal deposit
  • No mortgage until you buy
  • Move within weeks
  • Buy within your own timescale
  • Fixed price purchase
  • Any increase in equity is yours
  • Build a good credit score over time
  • No obligation to buy

Becoming a tenant buyer is easy

If you decide to rent to buy with Home Property Buyers, we will provide you with FREE advice and support at every stage of the process.

Here is how it works:

  1. You explore our property portfolio and select a property to rent with a view to buying.
  2. You make a legal commitment to buy the property from one of our buy-to-let investors.
  3. This buy-to-let investor becomes your landlord, and makes a similar commitment to sell the property to you, at market price.
  4. Because you have made the commitment, you can save up the deposit while you are renting the property.
  5. Once you are committed to buy, you must demonstrate to a mortgage company that you can cover the mortgage. (You must keep up payments to secure a mortgage at the end of the term, otherwise you may lose your investment.)
  6. You become the homeowner within a timeframe agreed between you and your landlord.

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