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If you are landlord who is struggling to manage one property or an entire portfolio, we can help. Home Property Buyers has a growing network of property investors – cash buyers who are ready to pay good money for your problem property, today.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Struggling to find tenants (rental voids)?
  • Difficulty managing a property from miles away?
  • Conflict with tenants who never pay on time?
  • Repeated damage to your property?
  • Spiralling costs of property maintenance?
  • Subsidising a mortgage from your own pocket?
  • Trying to stop repossession?

Struggling to find tenants?

As a landlord or buy to let investor, one of the worst financial problems you can experience is a rental void period – where one or several of your properties remain unrented for some time. Home Property Buyers can put an end to your stress by purchasing your problem property from you, with the option to rent it back for a set period. Regardless of whether or not you have equity, we can find the right solution for your needs.

Rent your property to another investor

Home Property Buyers can remove the negative equity factor and additional costs involved in managing property. If you are a landlord who is looking to exit the market, we can introduce you to another property investor who will rent your property from you. With us, you can find instant financial relief – and enjoy new freedom from your investment.

Instant relief!

  • We pay the mortgage
  • We cover all maintenance costs
  • We market the property
  • We deal with tenants
  • We continue to look after the property until we either complete the purchase at our agreed price, or the contract period comes to an end

Achieve the current market value for your property

With Home Property Buyers, you can create a viable financial solution, which provides instant freedom and helps you achieve the current market value for your property. Simply, we can agree a price with you today and we will buy anytime within a set period, normally between 5-10 years. When we complete on the agreement, you may receive a sum of equity that exceeds what you would achieve if you sold today.

Let us reduce the burden

Stop losing sleep and money over problem property. If managing property is more of a headache than you initially thought it would be, we can find a solution to your financial problems. Talk to the Home Property Buyers team about how you can enjoy new peace of mind.

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