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If you or your family have inherited a property, we can help everyone involved benefit from a quick sale. Home Property Buyers specialises in creating tailor-made solutions for homeowners in diverse and challenging situations. Simply, we can make you a preliminary cash offer for your property, today.

Why sell your property for cash?

There are various reasons why selling your property to a cash buyer through Home Property Buyers can quickly benefit all parties concerned.

  • If the property has been lived in for some time, it may have become dated or even distressed, and require significant investment
  • If you do need to update the property, you can end up spending a considerable amount of time sourcing reliable builders and managing the work
  • If you do decide to put the property on the market with an estate agent, you may have to wait for months and months before the property attracts an offer
  • If the property does remain unsold, you may find that you need to drop its price significantly to attract buyers and developers
  • If you do sell the property at a reduced the price, you will still need to pay the estate agent a large fee
  • If there is more than one benefactor, you may need to address an urgent need to release and divide up the value of the property
  • If there are several benefactors, any potential increase in the value of the property would only make each individual’s share a marginal gain

Why you shouldn’t leave a property vacant

An empty property can be difficult to maintain. Equally, it can be vulnerable to criminal activity, inviting vandalism and even squatters. As a result, your property could quickly fall into decline, be overlooked by estate agents and put off any prospective buyers. Not with our help.

FREE help and advice

Home Property Buyers will quickly develop the right solution for your needs. Our highly dedicated, experienced team will understand your individual circumstances, and help you release the money from an inherited property in the most efficient and economic way.

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