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Financial difficulties

If you are a homeowner and you are experiencing financial difficulties of any kind, we can help. Home Property Buyers specialises in creating tailor-made solutions to individual financial problems. Our team will quickly understand your situation and develop a course of action that is right for you.

You are not alone!

It’s no surprise that bankruptcy in the UK is on the rise. The ease of obtaining credit in the past and collapse of the housing market have led the UK economy deep into recession. Now, the days of obtaining cheap credit are well and truly over. So it’s more important than ever that you look for a real solution.

Why you shouldn’t let your situation get worse

Here are just some of many issues you should consider when thinking about how to tackle your financial difficulties:

  • What are the various risks you are exposing you and your family to?
  • What will happen if you get made redundant or become unemployed?
  • How will you afford your bills if interest rates rise?
  • How will you keep up your mortgage payments and any loans secured against your home?

Say NO to more borrowing

Borrowing more money to pay off debt could land you in more trouble. If you are thinking about remortgaging your property to consolidate your debts, you should talk to us first. Remortgaging will take you further into debt – a debt that is secured against your home. If you can’t afford your repayments, your situation could end in repossession, insolvency or bankruptcy.

Let us help you break the debt cycle!

Home Property Buyers will help you take back control of your finances by offering you a quick cash purchase on your property. Our team is highly experienced in all manner of financial difficulties, and they will tailor the perfect solution for your needs. Our advice is FREE and you are under no obligation to proceed with any of the options we provide.

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