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Can’t afford your mortgage? We can stop repossession

With Home Property Buyers, you can sell or rent your home with total confidence. Our company represents a growing, nationwide network of highly experienced property professionals. Each investor shares our company’s moral and ethical standards. Together, we can offer you new financial freedom with creative options to purchase your home, and stop repossession altogether.

FREE financial solutions!

That’s right – no hidden fees, no extra costs. The financial advice, support and services we offer are completely FREE. If you do decide to sell your property for cash, we will work in a way that is completely transparent, providing you with a quick, honest and professional service.

What is the open market value of my home?

Open market value is defined as the likeliest sale price between a willing buyer and willing seller in the open market. In other words, it is what your home is really worth on the open market. Contact the Home Property Buyers team on 0208 263 5660 to receive a no obligation quotation for the open market value of your property.

Our promises

If you can’t afford your mortgage, and you want to find someone who will purchase your home or stop repossession, we will do everything we can to help. With Home Property Buyers, you always know where you stand. Here are our promises to you:

FREE open, honest advice –

Our people will be open and honest with you about what we can achieve, together. At every stage, we will involve you in the entire purchase process.

Transparency at all times –

Our associates will always be transparent about any cash offer, including those below the market value.

Fairer to you –

Without exception, we will always make you the highest possible offer, helping you to enjoy the best possible financial outcome.

Free, no obligation valuation –

You receive a free valuation on your home, safe in the knowledge that we won’t charge you any fees.

No hidden costs –

At no point will we add any costly terms or hidden charges to our offer.

Set completion dates –

With us, you can enjoy the security of knowing exactly when the sale of your property will complete.

Total flexibility –

Our people will do everything they can to accommodate your needs, helping you experience real flexibility with a range of tailor-made purchase options.

Real peace of mind –

If you can’t afford your mortgage, we can help you stop repossession and forget the stress of renting or selling your home.

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